DIY: A Dreamy Playhouse Makeover

garden playhouse inspo board
5. Succulent plants – Trader Joe’s!

The #ClelandGirlsCasita is finally finished! After searching high and low for the *perfect* playhouse for my girl(s) – and after getting a suuuuuuper ridiculous quote from a contractor on what my vision would cost coming to life – I decided to tackle a little good old fashioned DIY project, and I am so super happy with how it came out. Now would be a good time to let you know that I do not, categorically speaking, recommend taking on a project like this while 35 weeks pregnant (and…oh ya….CAN YOU BELIEVE I AM ALREADY 35 WEEKS PREGNANT?!), but once I get an idea in my head I am not one to be deterred or convinced otherwise, and we somehow, thankfully, managed to eek this out and finish it before babe #2’s arrival. But back to the HOUSE – oh the house! – I might just love this little house even more than my daughter does. In all honesty, this playhouse “makeover” took even more effort and time than I originally anticipated, but now that it is finished I am just pleased as punch and so glad we tackled it and made it happen. Beatrix has been playing in her house nonstop (“making” me lots of tea and “cleaning” the floor), and it is going to be the perfect spot for girls to play together once chicklet number 2  is crawling around and pulling up and getting into everything (which…ahem…is going to happen before I know it – I just know it!).

The process itself was actually super simple – I chose a fairly basic cedar playhouse kit as my ‘base,’ and then designed an inspiration board around it to help channel my ideas on style and color and feel (of which there were MANY) and to streamline my vision. Once we assembled the house (and by that very much royal ‘we’ I mean my sweet, patient, kind hubby), we primed it and painted it (inside and out) with 2 coats of a nice quality paint, and I sewed up some sweet little curtains out of a canvas-like black and white striped fabric. Since we are going to keep this house outside but under a covered eve (thus creating a little ‘play zone’ that’s out of the hot hot Santa Barbara sun), we placed a 5×8″ sized outdoor rug underneath (which is conveniently made of a woven plastic and is easy to hose down and clean) and added some cute succulents (thank you Trader  Joe’s!) to the planter boxes….and it was ready to go! We’ve got plans to deck it out a bit with some holiday lights, and I’ve started to add some cute little accents to the inside, but for the most part this little house is a blank canvas for lots of imaginative play and fun for the girlies.

See below for before/after pics and progress pics, and above I’ve linked to the sources for my supplies – in case you are interested in a little DIY too!











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